About Bohemian Wild



Hello and welcome to Boho & Indie Wild.

My name is Tiffany Liz, I am a California native and the creator of the Bohemian Wild Lenormand and Indie Wild Rune Oracle.

The ideas for all the decks came about during my travels to different countries. They have been a way for me to express myself while learning and creating.

I started the Bohemian Wild while I was in the Caribbean. Being immersed in another culture, I found myself at a small café that sold incense, crystals and vegan food. I was fascinated with this little shop. I found myself returning to this shop every chance I could during my time in the Caribbean.

For Indie Wild, it was a bit different. I started the designs during my travels in Scotland and The Netherlands but the deck was completed while I was in Spain. So many cultures influenced the rune oracle, my latest published deck.

My favorite spots to create new ideas are either at a coffee shop in another country or finding a balcony with an amazing view watching different cultures during their day to day activities.

It’s kind of a secret, but I’m in the early stages of my next Oracle! It’s called Botanical Wild. The idea for this lovely deck was created in South Africa when I was learning about medicinal herbs and apothecary. I knew the common names of popular herbs in America but I had to use the Latin names to find the equivalents in South Africa. I wanted to combine my newly found love of herbalism with my passion of creating divination tools.