Rune of Three

three rune layout.jpg

The Rune of Three Spread (sometimes called the Norn Spread) is used to plot the crucial elements of past, present, and future, and to reveal the evolution of the situation through the arc of time.

The left rune represents influences that have had an effect on the past.

The middle rune represents things presently happening and factors having effect now.

The right rune represents the critical element of the future and the outcome of the question.

Rune Element Spread

element spread with words.jpg

The elemental spread is a four card or rune spread used to represent the elements of the querent’s life and how the querent chooses to interpret their reading will help to give them insight into the elemental areas of their life.

Earth concerns practical matters such as money and finances, health, home life, possessions and the querent’s physical plane.

Water concerns emotions and emotional issues, love, relationships, marriages, and pleasure on the emotional plane.

Air concerns communication, thoughts and ideas, attitudes and beliefs. It indicates how we relate to partners, friends and acquaintances. It may indicate troubles, loss, quarrels on the mental plane.

Fire concerns our intentions, desires, drive and energy. It can indicate romantic or family relationships. It may also represent intuition, psychic abilities, or creative endeavours on the spiritual plane.