The Whip

Keywords: REPETITION, arguments, habits, discussions, separation, sports, physical activity, abuse, routines. General Description: The Lenormand Whip often represents heavy discussions that could turn into arguments. It can indicate conflict that leads to separation. Because of its associate with violence, it can represent abuse. But its more general meaning is any a recurring action, repeatedly, or ritualistically. So it …


The Book

Keywords: SECRET, education, knowledge, expertise, discoveries, studies, a book General Description: The Lenormand Book can be connected to quite mundane things such as books, diaries, and ledgers. It’s the card of the student – showing what is to be learned regardless of age. It can also point to secrets and information that is about to be discovered.

The Letter

Keywords: MESSAGE, emal, text, letter, fax, document, diploma, invoice General Description: The Lenormand Letter is the card of written communication. It can come in any form – email, letter, fax, newspaper. It can also indicate business documents .

The Lily

Keywords: FAMILY, older man, winter, calm, mature, retired, peaceGeneral Description: The Lenormand Lily has so many meanings it can be confusing at times. The key is to focus on the question at hand and the events in surrounding cards. Are you planning a secret liaison with a lover? Are you curious about your family? Do …

The Boat

Keywords: TRAVEL, business, international, foreign, transportation.General Description: The Boat is about journeys, long or short. It can be about immigration and international travel. When this card appears, you might be about to take a trip to different country or somewhere you can explore. It can also represent business, particularly merchants, where it can show “your …