The Stork

Keywords: CHANGE, movement, relocation, transformation. General Description: The Lenormand Stork is a pretty straightforward card. It’s about noticeable and/or significant change. Surrounding cards tell you what kind of changes you can expect.


The Mountain

Keywords: OBSTACLES, delays, problems, heavy weight, mountains General Description: The Lenormand Mountain is about obstacles. You have to look at surrounding cards to see what is being blocked and what is causing the block. When the Mountain appears above the Querent, it can show that the Querent feels like he has the weight of the world on …

The Lady

Keywords: QUERENT, girlfriend, wife, sister, mother, daughter General Description: The Lenormand Woman can represent any female figure – wife, mother, daughter, sister, female friend, aunt… This card really just represents a woman and it’s the surrounding cards that give you additional information about her.

The Gentleman

Keywords: QUERENT, boyfriend, husband, partner, brother, father, son General Description: The Lenormand Man can represent any male figure – husband, father, son, brother, male friend or boss.

The Tower

Keywords: Protection, authority, the past, government, separation, loneliness, ambition General Description: The Lenormand Tower points to protection, guarding the cards around it. It indicate someone who is self-employed, isolated or lonely. It also refers to the government, courthouses, banks, hospitals, universities, and colleges. Just as a tower juts high into the sky, you want to think of …

The Child

Keywords: YOUTHFULNESS, a child, youth, innocence, new beginnings, honesty, cheerful, inexperienced. General Description: The Lenormand Child represents a youthful person or qualities, such as cheerfulness, inexperience, or immaturity in you or someone you are dealing with. It can also refer to a child or making a new start. All of the qualities of childhood can be represented by …